About us

AB GF Swedenborg AB GF Swedenborg

The company was founded in 1964 by Göran Swedenborg, today it's Patrik Swedenborg who is managing director and owner. Since 2008, the business is run in our own building incl. office and workshop.

During 2009, additional property was acquired for future expansion.


Swedenborg has three branches as


1. Exhaust Gas Dampers / Industrial Dampers
– stack dampers as well as bypass dampers 

We sell pumps and build complete units in our workshop. 

Valves / Bursting Discs
Adams Armaturen outside Dusseldorf which primarily focuses on metal seated butterfly valves and quick-closing valves on steam turbines.

Rembe bursting discs  with a unique technology, which makes them a leader in the bursting disc technology.